1V1D: Chief Expresses Doubt over Completion of Project

1V1D: Chief Expresses Doubt over Completion of Project

Chief of Gaa Naa Abdul Rahman Iddi has expressed doubt over the completion of the government flagship One-Village One-Dam (1V1D) initiative.


The Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP) initiative which seeks to provide all-year water for holder farmers in the community is almost at the verge of collapse.


In 2016, before the government IPEP project, the community through the efforts of some benevolent individuals approved the construction and development of a dam to support downstream irrigation for small holder farmers in the area.

The objective of the project was to supply the Gaa community and its environs including Samag, Saman-Yapala, Neibil-Gbini, Leftei and Kukpalgu potable water all-year round until the raining season; by which time farmers had harvested enough water for the next farming season. It will also serve as a source of drinking water for households and for animals to drink.


Government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in its projected 300 (1V1D) dams across the northern region included the Gaa community, an initiative which was started by the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives (MSDI).

The community until Tuesday, April 6 2021, staged its first demonstration against the construction of the dam, citing several infractions. According to them, the nature of the dam in its current form does not include a heel or toe, freeboard and spillway, galleries, diversions and abutment. 


The residents are worried that, the dam if left in its present state, lives of the community including children and women are more likely to be in danger. They express fear that, the children may be drawn and killed if left unchanged before the rains sets in.


Speaking in an interview with Sagani Tv, the chief described the government 1V1D project in Gaa as been poorly executed and not fit for purpose. Adding that, the constructor's inability to do a good job will go a long way to affect the fortunes of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2024 election.

The assemblyman for Gaa electoral area, Imoro Fusheni argued that, even though, the contractor has moved his excavators from the project site but he will return to complete works on the dam.


Meanwhile, the chief has given the contractor a week ultimatum to return back to site or they shall stage another demonstration in Gusheigu at the office of the District Chief Executive (DCE).

Source: Saganitvonline.com