2 unit classroom in Kpachelo left to rot as residents berates GES over stalled project

2 unit classroom in Kpachelo left to rot as residents berates GES over stalled project

Education is the key to success. But for the Children in Kpachelo their success for the future is up in the air after construction works on two (2) unit classroom block meant for their wards at the Kingdergaten level through the initiative of residents including PTA have been stalled in what may be a shortfall in funding.


In the last two years, residents have been mobilizing resources on their own through individual contributions to fund the two classrooms project aimed at accomodating the little ones without leaving  them to study under trees as  always been the case prior to covid-19 pandemic outbreak in the country.


However, for almost a year now, works on the project have been stalled following unvailability of funds at their disposal to continue the project, residents disclosed to Saganitvonline.com

According to residents, the structure has been raised to certain appreciable level near completion, but left with just some finishing touches such as plastering, roofing and other necessary  materials needed to augment its completion.


With schools  scheduled to reopen in 2021 as announced by government, residents feared  their wards will continue to sit under trees for tuition and learning if something drastic is not done by authorities to complement their initiative and efforts.


Therefore they appealed to authorities in the area especially the DCE,MP, NGOs, Philanthropist and general public to intervene by completing the structure for them  for the sake of the little children.


Efforts to seek response from duty bearers on the issue proved futile.


Source: Saganitvonline.com/Alhassan Mumuni Inusah