Demo hits Nyohini as residents protest over erratic power supply

Demo hits Nyohini as residents protest over erratic power supply

Scores of Youth in Nyohini North electoral area in the Tamale South constituency on Wednesday 28 October 2020 embarked on demonstration in protest of erratic power supply in the area. Residents in the area are faced with intermittent power outages on daily basis without any prior notice by NEDCo.


Several appeals to authorities at NEDCo for solution proved futile. This phenomenon angered the youth to believe that the inconsistent supply of power to the area is deliberate and can be described as ‘sheer negligence’ on the part NEDCo and authorities in the area especially the MP who has not shown any commitment to report their grievances to the appropriate quarters for redress.

During the demonstration, the youth used Nyohini link road  that connects through Sagani Tv, leading to VRA’s substation in the area near Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium ‘Runabout’ with inscriptions on the placards reads “no light no vote” “fuck politics say no voting” “fuck “Haruna”.


In an interview with the youth, they questioned service provided by NEDCO and said they have neglected and deprived them for a long time from enjoying consistent power. According the youth, the only person responsible for their current plight is the MP for the area Haruna Iddrisu whom they say he has refused to act on their issue after they have complained the matter to him on several occasions.

Some of the Youth also shared with the news team how their businesses including Tailoring shops Barbering shops, football centers among others have been adversely affected without productivity let alone earn something for a living due to the consistent power outages in the area. They further claimed that some of them have lost their jobs as a result of the daily ‘dumsor’ visited on them.


Therefore they called authorities especially NEDCo and the MP for the area to quickly step in to find a lasting solution to their problem.

Efforts to seek response from NEDCo and MP for Tamale South Constituency on the electricity challenges by residents of Nyohani North electoral area proved futile


Source: Alhassan Mumuni Inusah