Desist from your treacherous ways; you can’t be President by fighting your brothers - Haruna Iddrisu told

Desist from your treacherous ways; you can’t be President by fighting your brothers - Haruna Iddrisu told

Coalition  of Youth  groups within NDC in the Northern region, have accused minority leader, Haruna  Iddrisu for employing political machinations against 2020 flagbearer of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama.

According to the youth groups, the Tamale South MP is using his political influence couple with his local dominance  in the region to sabotage the efforts of the former president in his quest to either fulfill his dream of becoming  the party's flagbearer going into 2024 general elections  or become a running mate for his hidden preferred candidate at the expense of John Mahama.


In a press conference held on Monday 6th September 2021, at the NDC regional head quarters in Tamale, the leader of the group Abbey Khahad pointed out that the Minority leader has caused more harm than good to the party by destroying chances of the youth within the party through what he described as 'evil mechanization' against youth who belong to John Mahama's camp.

He has also noted that the Minority Leader has been fighting John Mahama in secrecy while pretending to love and follow him in the open.
Abbey Khahad, further issued strong warning against the minority Leader and his aparachiks to desist from mounting unprovoked attacks against members who do not believe in the leadership of Haruna Iddrisu.

About 37 Youth groups of NDC in the region such as "Aluuta Boys", "B 37", Swagger Youth, "Al-Kaeeda", have come together as Coalition Youth groups  to express their anger over recent rancour, bikery, and counter physical assault among youth groups in the party.


The NDC coalition  Youth groups believe that the recent squabbles within the party is as a result of selfish interest of the minority leader, who asked his boys to go after anyone's head who opposes his authority in the region most especially in Tamale.


Among other things, the groups have also alleged that, the Honorable MP had in the past incited them in arms against big wigs of the party, for which they are  not ready to condone now and going forward.

The 37 Groups with the press conference today are believed to be avowed supporters of Business man Fuzak who is in contention to becoming the northern regional Chairman for  the opposition NDC.



Statement below.




6th August, 2021 Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen of the press. It is my singular honour to welcome you on behalf of the coalition of youth groups in the northern region to this press conference.

We are pleased to have you here to cover our press conference at a rather short notice. Before we proceed to the main issue for which we are gathered here, I will like to take this opportunity to announce that from here, we shall march peacefully to the residence of Nyab Kasuli lana – chairman of the council of elders in the region – to submit a petition to him on the issues we have raised here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our task here this morning is very simple but critical. We have assembled here in the supreme interest of the youth in the Northern region and in the interest of John Mahama, the next flagbearer of the NDC and the next president of the republic of Ghana. In Shaa Allah! All of us gathered here are witnesses to the current tension in the northern region NDC. Both the local and national media have had course to feature the current impasse on their platforms in different forms.

This undoubtedly makes the party unpopular in the region and by extension, having the potency to dwindle the fortunes of the next flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama and the NDC as it was the case in previous elections. It is for this reason that we embark on this rescue mission to set the records bluntly, without fear or favor.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we will like to state without any iota of hesitation that all these tension and faction allegiance that is growing terribly by the day is because of the clueless ambition of one man; Haruna Iddrisu the minority leader of Ghana’s parliament. Over the period, this gentleman has sought to instigate verbal and physical attacks on people who he feels are militating against his ambition to become the most powerful politician in the north and invariably president of the republic.

A single siting like this will not be enough to recount the numerous violence he has sponsored through his assigns in the northern region since John Mahama became president and leader of the ndc. But for the purposes of your appreciation of the issues, we shall highlight a few instances where he sponsored violent attacks against his supposed adversaries. On the 17th January, 2013, some of our members were recruited by him through his assigns to burn everything that has John Mahama on it. Billboards and everything.

They explained that John Mahama hates him and for that matter intends to take him out of government. And the only thing that could stop it is to treathen John Mahama through violent riots. Certainly this was orchestrated to put John Mahama in a bad light. Unbeknowning to us about his hatred for John Mahama we executed it as directed. Again, on the 3rd of November 2018, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu through his assigns contracted some of us to attack and lynch those elected regional executives he felt were ardent supporters of John Mahama and as such were not dancing to his treacherous tune. In a brutal manner, we gullibly attacked the regional secretary (Sualesu Beawurebe), the regional vice chairman (Alhaji Velim), the regional communications officer (General Amin) and others.

The latest is what has led to a near standoff in the party in the region. He (Haruna Iddrisu) incited his body guards to attack a popular youth group in Tamale (Aluta boys). Infact but for the intervention of Alhaji Fuzak, it would have been a serious blood bath. Because the Aluta boys group intended to retaliate in equal measure, but Alhaji Fuzak intervened and asked that they should rather report to the police for the law to take it course. Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, it is instructive to note that all these violent attacks hon haruna has used us to stage were all in furtherance of of his agenda to create a false impression that he is the most influential politician in that North. So that in the event that John Mahama fails and bows out through his evil machinations, he will appear as the all powerful political figure in the North with the potential of serving as a running mate or flagbearer. It is to this end that we will like to state without any equivocation that Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, the minority leader has lost every influence in the North, if he ever has any.

Those of us he was using to gullibly attack people have realized that he means no good for John Mahama and the NDC. And so we will never allow him to use any of us in such reckless manner to further is already failed ambition. We are therefore by this press conference calling the minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu to desist from his treacherous ways and learn that he cannot become president by fighting his brothers. He should know that what ever he has sown shall grow in the nature that he sowed it. And that, John Mahama is a tree that God has planted, so his evil machinations cannot uproot that tree. Never! We also call on the party at all levels to look in the face of Hon.

Haruna Iddrisu and advise him to stop his wicked agenda against the party and John Mahama. Anything less will incur the wrath of we the youth of the party in the northern region. We are aware of his plans to bus a certain stomach constituency chairmen to petition the national executive committee over what he calls the involvement of Alhaji Fuzak in the party in the northern region. Let it be served that this is another agenda to sabotage the youth in the Northern region.

This is because, it is only Alhaji Fuzak who supports the youth of the region without barriers. So any attempt to hold his benevolent hand back is an attempt hold back the fortunes of John Mahama in the region and we shall not accept that. Finally, Ladies and Gentlemen, we will like to use this opportunity to commend Alhaji Fuzak for standing up admist the threats and vilifications against all the forces that has the potential of standing in the way of John Mahama’s victory in the next election. We like to encourage him and assure him that the entire youth of the region is solidly behind him and any other person who has the interest of John Mahama and the NDC at heart. We pledge to walk with Alhaji Fuzak in his mission to crush anybody who will stand in the way of John Mahama’s victory.

Long Live John Mahama

Long Live Alhahi Fuzak

Long Live the NDC

Thank you once again for coming!

Signed. Alhassan Abdul Jalal

(Coalition Secretary)