GPL 2020/21 best referee to receive a brand new car

GPL 2020/21 best referee to receive a brand new car

As part of mechanisms to lessen bad officiating in upcoming football season and to also encourage improvement among the referees, the Ghana football governing body has announced some packages for officials ahead of the new season.


The announcement to award the best referee a brand new car, was made by Ghana FA president, Kurt Simeon Edwin Okraku, during the launch of the Ghana football season, on 26/10/2021 in Accra.

Kurt Okraku further proclaimed that, all officiating officials of the Ghana football season will be giving 3 set of uniforms for the new season.


Referees in Ghana have received some backlash from a section of the public over some decisions, during games last season, resulting in a number of them being physically assaulted by some aggrieved football fans.

Public confidence in Ghanaian referees drastically dwindled after an investigative piece by undercover journalist, Anas Armeyaw Anas, exposed a number of them, taking bribes and influencing the outcomes of football matches.

However, many believe, the latest incentive package announced by the Ghana Football Association, will significantly mitigate bad officiating in the country.



Source: II Bawa Abdul Mugis