"I won't allow you to turn the hospital into a Cafe" - Dakpema slammed 'facebook nurses'

"I won't allow you to turn the hospital into a Cafe" - Dakpema slammed 'facebook nurses'

The Chief of Tamale, Dakpema Bawah Fuseini, has issued strong warning to management of Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) over alleged claims of 'lackadaisical' attitude towards clients by some healthcare providers especially nurses at the hospital.


His warning comes at the back of wide range of unpleasant complains from patients who access healthcare services at the facility and are victims of alleged medical negligence in the hands of some doctors and nurses


According to him, if the staff do not change their attitudes in the discharge of their duties, he will take it upon himself to transform the phase of the hospital.


The Chief further described the facility as white elephant as he believes staffs at the hospital are doing little enough in terms of nurse-patient relationship.


The outspoken chief therefore charged the regional minister, hon. Shani Alhassan Shaibu to lead a crusade to clean the mess supposedly associated with TTH, adding he is ready to support and collaborate with the minister to correct the alleged wrongs at the referral hospital.


His eminence Dakpema Bawah Fuseini made this remarks when Sankofa Medical Charities, a non-governmental organization based in USA handed over medical equipments to management of the facility to facilitate health care service to the people of the north especially the underserved in society.


After witnessing deliveries of the Sankofa Medical equipments, the chief charged management of the hospital to inculcate the habit of maintenance culture in order to keep the equipments in good condition for use.


Among other unethical behaviors of staff and unpleasant reports emanating from the hospital include, time spent on phones by nurses instead of attending to dying patients, punctuality by senior staff doctors to carry out emergency surgeries and diversion of  resources meant for the facility to private hospitals owned by individual staffs at the hospital among other reports.


Source: https://Saganitvonline.com||Mumuni Alhassan Inusah