''It is Irresponsible to ask Samba to go Unopposed'' – Giant Patriots

''It is Irresponsible to ask Samba to go Unopposed'' – Giant Patriots

A group belonging to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) calling itself Giant Patriots (GP) has rejected a campaign move by some executives of the party that Mohammed Bantiba Samba will go unopposed in the upcoming Regional Executive Elections.


The group has vowed not to allow any decision to make Samba go unopposed. They describe the move by the executives as irresponsible and ridiculous.


Member of the group who spoke to saganitvonline.com on anonymity said, "Samba has nothing special to offer the party apart from spending money to be recognized." According to him, "there is more to winning power than giving out money to buy the conscience of the poor voter"


It would be recalled that the Northern Regional Communication Director of the governing New Patriotic Party Sule Salifu gave an indication that; Chairman Samba is likely to go unopposed in the next regional executive elections. He cited his (Samba) achievements in the 2020 general elections as the basis for the decision.


Speaking in an interview with Abudu Defahaya on the Beigu Neeya on Thursday December 31, 2020, the Communications Director said, "Samba is the only marketable candidate who is best fit for the chairmanship position as of now"


According him, the campaign for Chairman Samba to go unopposed in the next executive elections is already on course.


He further disclosed that, resources Samba has committed in the party in the 2020 elections must not go unrewarded. Adding that, allowing Samba to go unopposed will show their appreciation for all that he has done for the party in the region.


He also emphasized that, the agenda 15 seat and more will be achieved when Samba goes unopposed in the next regional executive elections.


"let me use this platform to say that,  the agenda four more for Samba has just started and all must join to make it a reality " he said.


Source: Saganitvonline.com