Lack of Infrastructure Compel Teachers to Teach in Over Crowded Classroom amidst Covid-19 pandemic.

Lack of Infrastructure Compel Teachers to Teach in Over Crowded Classroom amidst Covid-19 pandemic.

The pupils of Cherembo D /A Primary School in the Pru East District of the Bono East Region sit on the floor to learn on daily basis. A visit to the Cherembo community to ascertain level of teaching and learning in the area has shown.

The school which has only two (2) teachers managing nursery to primary six (6) are stressed on daily basis because of the workload on teachers.

Speaking in an interview with Sagani news, the Head teacher of the school Mr. Lansah Asumang John said, lack of infrastructure to accommodate the pupils in separate classes is hampering teaching and learning. According to him, teachers find it difficult to teach separate classes unless they ask some of the pupils to leave and probably play outside before they are able to teach effective.

"If you want to teach primary one (1) then you have to ask the nursery and P2 and 3 to leave the class to play outside” he said.

Sadly, children sit on the bare floor to learn as the school lacks dual-desk furniture for pupils to sit and learn.

The Head teacher further lamented about the structure of the facility. He noted that, the classrooms the pupils are occupying was built by the community members in 1975.

Chairman of Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) Lansah Emmanuel said the PTA some years past engaged volunteer-teachers and were paid through the PTA dues.  Mr Lansah said, after government abolished the PTA dues, those teachers were no more receiving any allowance and they had to stop as their living plight worsening without the monthly stipends.

“The PTA was mobilizing money through the dues taken from parents but now government asked parents not pay anything again.  We also planted some thick trees which at a point were being fell to cater for the volunteer-teachers"

Meanwhile, the school authority has accused the District Director of Education for Pru East District for being selective in his administrative responsibilities.

"We heard there is a District Director of Education but we don’t know him because he has never step his foot to this community"