Nanville residents to boycott 2020 general elections over lack of electricity

Nanville residents to boycott 2020 general elections over lack of electricity

Residents of Nanville electoral area have resolved to boycott 2020 general elections if the communities in the area are not connected to the national grid under government’s rural electrification project.


The residents lamented over lack of economic and job opportunities due to absence of electricity in their electoral area.


Most rural communities in the Northern region are without electricity. The Communities sleep in darkness on daily basis without knowing the benefits of electricity. This is the narration of residents in the Kujeri- Nanville electoral area.

About 6 communities in the electoral area are not connected to the national grid. Among the communities include Nanville, Kujeri, Kpulting, Kpablaa, Gumah and Santama.

This has led to a great displeasure among residents in the area particularly the people of Nanville who hardly came to terms that for over 2 decades now the community is without electricity.


Residents bemoaned over the lack of electricity in the community and said it has negative impact on them. According to them, due to the absence of electricity, they are denied with some economic and job opportunities.

As a result, they blamed both NDC and NPP for doing little enough to illuminate the community after serving in government for so many years without efforts to hook the community to national grid.

Women in the community also complained bitterly the difficulties they face as they travel long distances on daily basis for mailing of their food stuff before consumption.


Notwithstanding, residents have appealed to the current government to as matter of urgency step up efforts to provide the community with electricity else they will advise themselves in the upcoming general elections.


Responding to the plight of residents through an interview with, the DCE for Mion Abdallah Mohammed Hashim revealed that sooner or later the community among several other communities in the district will be connected to the national grid, assuring residents that the community is part of a rural electrification project which was commissioned by the energy ministry two months ago in Tamale.


Source: Alhassan Mumuni Inusah