NPP 1st Vice Chair threatens lawsuit against Mr. Claude David of Alafie Foods for alleged bribery allegations

NPP 1st Vice Chair threatens lawsuit against Mr. Claude David of Alafie Foods for alleged bribery allegations

The Northern Regional 1st vice chairman of the ruling new patriotic party Alhaji Iddrisu Sunday has threaten to sue the executive director of Alafie foods Mr.Claude David Convissa for alleged bribery allegation leveled against him.


Mr. Claude somewhere in 2017 sought the support of Alhaji Iddrisu Sunday to seek government support over a proposal to join the 1D1F Program.


In an audio recording intercepted by, a deputy chief of staff mr Asenso Boakye is alleged by Mr. Claude to have asked the NPP Northern Regional 1st vice chairman to collect a sum of $20, 000.00 dollars from him, (Mr.Claude David Convissa) before submitting his proposal to the minister of trade and industries kojo Alan kyeremanteng for consideration.


Meanwhile, Alhaji Sunday has denied the allegations and has challenged Claude to come out with evidence of bribery claims leveled against him.


In an interview with Alhaji Sunday said he took Claude and his partner to meet the deputy chief of staff so he could lead them to the trade minister because he felt Claude’s proposal when approved could be a great source of employment for the people of the north.

He further said, Asenso Boakye upon reviewing the proposal of Claude directed them to meet Alan kyeremanteng (minister of trade) in his office for further deliberation on the proposals.


The trade minister upon receiving the two in his office told him (Alhaji Sunday) that he (Alan kyeremanteng) will assist Claude only if the proposal meet or pass the required and standard operating procedures at the trade ministry but asked that chairman Sunday could leave.


According to the 1st vice chairman, that was the last time he set eyes on Claude.


During Claude’s interview at Ultimate fm where he made those allegations, he confessed that he had no video or audio recording of the said bribe allegations but assumes that, "that was a regular systematic way they were conducting business through Asenso Boakye at the flagstaff house"

In one of the interviews, this was what transpired:

Host: So you were with Alhaji Sunday?

Mr Claude: yes

Host: to go see Asenso Boakye?

Mr Claude: yes

Host: you met him?

Mr Claude: yes

Host: Did you pay money?

Mr Claude: No, and then of course nothing happened. We had a nice meeting at the ministry of trade and industry with a senior civil servant very lovely gentleman and he pass away shortly after that.

Host: So when was this meeting?

Mr Claude: This was around December 26, 2017. Yes

Host: Is been almost 3 years since that meeting, why are you telling me about it today?

Mr Claude: Well I was very reluctant.  


Mr Claude in a separate recording admitted as saying "I don’t have the brief conversation between Alhaji Sunday and Asenso when Asenso told him to demand the 20, 000.00 bribe and I don’t have a tape recording"


Alhaji Sunday has therefore threaten to sue Claude in a competent court of adjudication to bring a finality on the allege bribery allegations against him.


Source: Abubakari Adams