NPP youth in Tamale angry over perceived neglect by regional executives

NPP youth in Tamale angry over perceived neglect by regional executives

Some NPP Youth groups in Tamale have accused the party top hierarchy in the region for failing to heed to their cry by rewarding them with job opportunities after they have toiled for the party to win political power.


The youth groups identified as ‘Googlehood’, ‘Mayor Fan club’, and ‘4 more for Nana’ based in ‘Victory Cinema’ electoral area in the Tamale Central constituency with political inclination to the ruling NPP government, accused their party leadership in Northern region for gross neglect.


According to the NPP youth, after suffering and sacrificing for the party to garner overwhelming votes at the grassroots to win power in the 2016 general elections from the NDC, they are yet to receive a single reward from any party executive including the regional party chairman, organizer and youth organizer.


They claimed that they have been used and dumped by their leaders and that, no top member of the party seemed to care about our current plight and predicaments.


In a press conference on Wednesday 14 October 2020, at Sabonjida in Tamale, they alleged that in an attempt to meet the regional chairman, Adam Bantima Samba to put forward their grievances for redress, they were barred by regional youth organizer Alhassan Gana from accessing the party chairman who was on a campaign trip in Mion constituency.


They further alleged that the youth organizer drove them away, at worst threw bottles at them. This angered the youth to describe the NPP regional executives as bad leaders who are of no help and use to them especially the  youth organizer, Alhassan Gana.

According to them: ‘’yes we came out this morning to go and visit chairman (Samba) in his house. We learnt he is back from Accra, likewise they said he is in Mion. So we took our motor bikes, risk our lives rushed to Mion and when we went there we went and talked to  our chairman and how he responded to us is not pleasant at all. He responded to us violently especially Alhassan Gana, the regional youth organizer, we went to speak to chairman and he stood there start shouting at us that chairman shouldn’t have met us. When we are also from NPP, suffered in NPP, we suffered for Nana Addo to come to power and this man stood up and said chairman should not meet us. How dare you; do you think you are the only one who owns the party?


We know that Nana is doing his work, everybody is getting what they want, and all the executives are getting what they want except we the followers. So we want Nana-Addo to know that nobody has giving us anything for four years now"


The youth led by Alhassan Sa-ad also accused the Northern regional chairman for reneging on his promise to award them a contract after taking their contract licenses. "Chairman Samba took our contract documents promised us that he will give us contract; we didn’t hear anything from him, about 4 months now"


Meanwhile, the NPP regional Youth Organizer has refuted the claims leveled against him by the Youth Groups. In an interview with Mr. Gana noted that while in a campaign trail in Mion, the youth came there where leadership of the party including the regional chairman were holding a meeting with constituency executives and out of nowhere, the youth stormed the meeting grounds uninvited with misconduct demanding to see  the chairman.


In his view, their action angered him to turn them away from having access to the regional chairman. He also denied the allegation of refusing to present job opportunities to them to better their livelihood.


Source: Abdul Mumuni Inusah