N/R: NPP Deputy secretary condemns action of party youth group

N/R: NPP Deputy secretary condemns action of party youth group

Concerned Youth Groups of NPP in Tamale (CYG-TAMALE) have accused Regional executives of the party including the Regional Chairman Adam Batimba Samba of employing machinations at the top hierarchy to impose preferred individuals as MMDCEs at the various MMDAs across the region.

According to the Concerned NPP Youth Groups, Authentic source closed to Flagstaff House revealed to them that the Regional executives led by chairman Samba have replaced majority of the applicants' names who went through due process via appearance on the Regional vetting committee with their preferred candidates.

They alleged that chairman Samba led leadership has formed a cabal at the  presidency to manipulate the  process to deceive the  president and his vice to give MMDCE'S positions to the people they can control when given the nod but not true representation of the people.

This was revealed by the Secretary of the group, Naparow Clifford in a press conference held on Monday 07/06/2021 at the Persons with Disability Training Center in Tamale.

The youth group further alleged that the Regional executives have employed Machiavellian maneuver to lure the president to believe that youth groups in Tamale Metro do not  support certain MMDCE'S aspirants selected by the vetting committee, an attempt to ‘paint them (Youth) black’ at the presidency.

They also allegedly disclosed that Regional party executives have presented fake signatories to the presidency to create an impression that said Youth groups in Tamale are agitating against president's likely selection of some hard working party individuals who are likely to be nominated for the Tamale Mayor position.

The NPP Youth also indicated that the Regional executives have their accomplice at the Flagstaff house aiding them to replace names selected by the vetting committee. They also claim that some accomplice have vowed to put before the president one Issahaku Sahadatu to become Mayor of Tamale by hook or crook.

Responding to the Press Conference on Sagani TV's Lahabal'Tula news, the Northern Regional Deputy Secretary for the NPP Yussif Danjummah  describes their action as 'ignorant and oblivion' with regards to the core mandate of the vetting committee which vetted the applicants for the MMDCE'S positions.

Mr. Danjummah disclosed that the vetting committee after the process submitted 4 candidates each from the 15 districts in the Northern region with the exception of (6 candidates from Sagnarigu) to the presidency for consideration. He vehemently denied the allegations by the Youth that they have manipulated the selection process to favor their preferred candidates at the expense of those who undergone the vetting process. 

The deputy regional secretary who declined to disclose the four applicants whose names have been submitted to the president for consideration for the Tamale Metro Chief Executive position says, the Regional executives of the NPP have no hands in the issues raised by the Concerned Youth Groups.

According to him, the list of applicants submitted from the Northern Region is the sole doing of the vetting committee but not the Regional executives.

Members who composed the vetting committee included NPP General Secretary John Boadu, who was represented by his special aide on the panel, the NPP regional chairman was also represented by the Regional secretary, Yakubu Sibdoo assisted by his deputy Yussif Danjummah. Alhaj Awal deputy director of operations from Flagstaff House was also a member as well the national Nasara coordinator. The vetting committee was chaired by the Northern Regional Minister Alhaj Shani Alhassan Shaibu.


Story by: Alhassan Mumuni Inusah