N/R: Parents in fear as dilapidated school structure threaten pupils’ lives in Katani in Gushegu

N/R: Parents in fear as dilapidated school structure threaten pupils’ lives in Katani in Gushegu

The Primary School at Katani in the Gushegu district of Northern region is in dilapidated state following a wind storm that wrecked the facility three years ago.


The facility has its part of roofing ripped off completely and part of the school building also developed some deep cracks following the wind storm. The situation has resulted to some pupils sitting under trees for tuition and certain instances they often sit under scorching sun for academic work.


On the other hand, teaching and learning is boycotted when it rains due to the deplorable state of the school facility. Lack of furniture is another challenge in the school that hinders academic progress.

Majority of the pupils sit on the bare floor in class to receive tuition. This obviously has rippling effects on their performance.


As a result, residents bemoan how the school facility has been left to rot for almost three years now without proper attention from political figures in the district.


According to the residents, they cannot fathom why politicians prior to the general elections provided resources for party folks in the community to erect pavilions but paid no attention to education of young generation in the community.

They blamed NDC and NPP for deliberately refusing to refurbish the school building. They also accused political parties for 'using' them for their own parochial interest and by extension, the community for granted.


The community has therefore appealed to well meaning Ghanaians including NGOs and Philanthropists to come to their rescue by rehabilitating the school for them for the benefit of their children as schools are set to resume next year.


The plight of pupils in the Katani community was cut short as result of covi-19 pandemic which saw schools closed down completely as part of measures against the spread of the virus.


Source: Saganitvonline.com