N/R: Regional Minister Pledges to Build SHS for Muslim Community

N/R: Regional Minister Pledges to Build SHS for Muslim Community

The Northern Regional Minister, Shani Alhassan Shaibu has pledge to build a Senior High School (SHS) for Nuriyya Islamic Institute and Masjidul Bayaan before the end of his tenure in 2024.


He made this pledge during the final Ramadan tabseer of the head and leader of Masjidul Bayaan, Sheikh Ibrahim Basha Iddris (doctuur Bayaan) on May 10, 2021.

Speaking at the event, the minister said, his decision follows the directive made by the headmistress of Wesley girls Senior High School to restrict Muslims from observing a mandatory Islamic obligation, the Ramadan.


"There are reasons for everything and I think the decision of Wesley Girls High school and the Christian council as well as the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference must be a wakeup call to all Muslims, this is the time to start building our own schools"

"We should be able to build more than one Islamic high school in Tamale; we have the Anbariya Senoir High. We must also develop the Nuriyya Islamic Institute into a standard Senior High School (SHS) before the end of my tenure" the minister said

Even though time frame for the commencement and completion of construction of the school is not immediately known, but founder of the Nuriyya Islamic Institute, Sheikh Basha is very optimistic of the minister's pledge.


Over the past week, Ghanaian Muslims both home and abroad have expressed deep revulsion at what they describe as an attempt by the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference, Wesley girls Senior High School (SHS) and Christian council to plunge the country into anarchy.

Although, Muslims and Christians continue to live in harmony, but spoke person to the chief Imam Sheikh Aremeyaw is of the view that, the recent Wesley girls impasse shows clearly that leadership of the various Ghanaian churches are "ganging against Muslims"


Source: Saganitvonline.com