Residents left stranded after flooded road cut off community in Kujeri-Naville

Residents left stranded after flooded road cut off community in Kujeri-Naville

Residents of Kujeri-Naville electoral area in Mion constituency  have expressed disappointment in their leaders for failing to find solution after a link road was flooded by water due to torrential rain falls leaving communities cut off from district capital and nearby villages.


According to the residents, the neglect by authorities in the area over the road seemed to suggest that they are not part of the constituency.


The road is a major link road in the Kujeri-Nanville electoral area that connects through several communities to Jimle, linking to Yendi-Tamale highway. The road serves as the most important route for residents in the Kujeri-Nanville electoral area as they depend on it for economic and agricultural activities.

Sadly, due to torrential rain falls recently the most essential road in the area has been flooded, with water taken over major portions of the road which led to communities around Nanville enclave cut off from the district capital.


This adversely compounded transportation challenges to residents and road users as the water on the road is at the knee level.


Known for their farming activities, the situation had negatively affected them as farmers in the area can no longer access road to buy farm inputs and chemicals to boost their activities due to the flooded nature of the road. According to residents, this may affect their yields during the post harvest season.


Women in the communities who are into charcoal production also lament how the business had gone down simply because after producing the charcoal they cannot carry it to the nearby village(Jimle) for sale due to inaccessibility of the road, as it is inundated with water.


Lack of attention and efforts to fix the road by authorities in the Mion constituency especially the DCE and MP is disappointing, residents stressed. They further expressed worry on the two figures in what they described as ‘unwillingness and lack of determination’ on the part of the two most influential people in the area to fix the road for the community.


Suggesting ways to deal with the flood situation on the road to, residents opined that government should construct at least four (4) bridges on the road to curb the perennial menace confronting them every raining season.

Responding to the issue at hand, the DCE for Mion Abdallah Mohammed Hashim says, the plight of the residents have come to his notice and that he is doing whatever he can within his power to fix the situation.


He also noted that Feeder roads Ghana sent engineers to the area two (2) years ago for assessment for onward construction, but till date nothing has been done even though he has made follow-ups just to get the project started.


Hon. Abdallah Mohammed Hashim further disclosed that the link road has not been captured by the assembly for construction; adding that, road construction is beyond assembly’s mandate and falls within the remit of Ghana Feeder roads.


Source: Alhassan Mumuni Inusah