Sagani Tv gets results: Kidnapped girl rescued after news report

Sagani Tv gets results: Kidnapped girl rescued after news report

Chapter 5 of the criminal code 1960 (Act 29), section 90 (b) defines kidnapping as unlawfully detention of a person and denying him/her access from discovering the place where he/she is imprisoned.

Meanwhile, "whoever is guilty of an abduction of any child under eighteen years of age shall be guilty of misdemeanour"


A report filed by the ministry of interior indicates that, a total sum of five hundred and four (504) cases of kidnapping was recorded between 2011-2019. Sadly, fifty-six (56) kidnapping cases are reported annually according the ministry.


A year ago in Tamale, Sagani TV aired a story on a missing child called Fadila from Lamashegu a suburb of Tamale. Her missing was confirmed as kidnapping after the father confessed a visit of a woman to his house, purporting to be searching for her lost mother in their neighborhood.

The case was reported to the Lamashegu district police station, which took the residents, police as well as Sagani news team about 19 days to search for the missing child.


Little Fadila was finally found with a woman whose name was only given as Fuseina, alias Deishini Aisha at Masaka, around Salaga in the newly created Savannah region. The woman was arrested by vigilante citizens and was later handed over to the police.


In an interview with the mother of the victim, Mrs. Zakaria Rashida who almost gave up on her daughter said, she was at work when her husband called to inform her about the unfortunate missing of their daughter.

According to her, she could not come to terms that her only child, as of the time of the kidnapping was nowhere to be found. 

Madam Rashida now a mother two, has urged all parents to take proper care of their children to prevent them from being kidnapped.


The father of the victim (Fadila) Mr. Mohammed Saaka who spoke to expressed his profound gratitude with the role played by security agencies, residents and Sagani tv which lead to the rescue of his daughter.

The accused person Fuseina alias Deishini Aisha involved in the alleged kidnapping was arraigned before court and pleaded guilty at the Tamale circuit court. She was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for the crime.


Source: Saganitvonline.Com