Tolon District: Residents lament over poor road network in Fehini

Tolon District: Residents lament over poor road network in Fehini

Residents of Fehini in the Tolon district have called on authorities to take swift action by fixing  their main link road in the community to help ease their transportation  obstacles to the district capital.

According to residents, the bad state of the road has stagnated economic and agricultural activities in the community.

The road at Fehini links direct to Tolon, the district capital. It  is the only major link road that residents use on daily basis to access neighboring  and far communities within the district.

But is bizarre to narrate that the road is in deplorable  condition following torrential rain falls this season. Unlike previous years whereby community members mobilized to carry out some maintenance works on the road to enhance human and vehicular movement through self help project, unfortunately  it was missing this year due to its deteriorating state caused by the torrential rains beyond the ‘usual maintenance’  by residents through communal labor.

The situation of the road still surprises many in the community after it was reportedly  awarded to contract due construction before December polls but till now nothing concrete has been done about the road, leaving residents in bewilderment.

Speaking to residents, they have recounted how the poor nature of the road has negatively affected them in so many areas such as education, health, economic and Agriculture.

Farming is seen as major occupation for the residents of Fehini, their efforts are always in vain and fortunes dwindled due to poor nature of the road in the raining season as they cannot have access to farm implements for their farming  activities neither to access road to bring home farm produce in the post harvest season.

Women in the community who are engaged in shea nut production also explained that their businesses have gone down after buyers refused entry to the community due to the bad state of the road.

On education, residents bemoan how their wards suffer on the road in travelling from the community to Tolon in search for knowledge at the JHS level.

Due to bad nature of the road, residents say they  also go  through terrible experience when they want to access health care at the district capital with sick persons especially pregnant women who often are at the receiving end. They also added several people have received broken arms and legs as a result of the nature of the road.

Therefore called on government and authorities in the area  to as a matter of swiftness fix their only reliable link road for them.

In response to the concerns raised by residents, the DCE for Tolon Hajia Balchisu Yakubu assured that the road will be fixed by the close of the year as it has been awarded to contract with some amount of work  already commenced on the road.

However, she pointed out work on the ground is at slow pace due to the fact  that the contractor at site is the same contractor  currently working  on township roads in Tolon. The DCE  is hopeful that the contractor will finish work soon within Tolon township  and go to continue work on Fehini Main link road which is expected to be tarred.


Source: Alhassan Mumuni Inusah